Look up and celebrate the history of an American classic.

Spot the Wonder

In 1921, the “wonder” of seeing hundreds of hot air balloons gliding across the sky inspired Elmer Cline to give Wonder Bread its iconic name. Then, to celebrate our 80th anniversary in 2001, we got one of our own! Now, the Wonder balloon rises high over America, visiting states from Florida to California.

Meet Our PilotMore Wonder History 


Meet Our "Wonder"ful Pilot, Chris

Chris fell in love with ballooning, and with Wonder Bread as a kid. Now, two of his passions have come together in one of the coolest jobs on the planet—pilot of the Wonder balloon.

Show Us Your Shots!

Have you seen the Wonder Balloon at an event, race or just floating through the clear sky above? If so, share your photo of the Wonder Balloon with us for the rest of America’s Wonder fans to enjoy using #SpotTheWonder on Twitter or Instagram.