Every Dream Starts
With a Bit of Wonder

Wonder Bread

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Nothing captures America's imagination like Wonder.

Childhood is a wonderful time—and one that never has to end. Every time you twist open a loaf of Wonder Bread, you're transported back to a time when cardboard boxes were spaceships, the couch was a fort and the sky was just waiting for you to fly up, up and away.


Spot the Wonder

It's a bird. It's a plane. It's...Wonder. This year, we'll be flying the fabled Wonder Bread hot air balloon at festivals, events and, if you're lucky, in your neck of the woods. Look below to find out when we'll be up above. Then, look on shelves near you for a loaf or two of Wonder Bread.

Balloon Tour Dates

Date Event Location
June 13-14 Phoenix Balloon Flight Phoenix, AZ
Aug. 8-10 Midwest Balloon Festival Kansas City, MO
Sept. 5-7 Huff n Puff Balloon Rally Topeka, KS
Sept. 19-21 Gatesway International Balloon Festival Claremore, OK
Oct. 3-11 International Balloon Festival Albuquerque, NM

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